Core Classes


For students looking to dive into the full clowning experience, we have a class track that will guide you from newbie to performer in 22 weeks. Learn to play freely in clown 1, create character in clown 2 and share your adventure with an audience in clown 3!

Core classes are for everyone (not just actors)! They must be taken in order and can be repeated endlessly. No two classes are the same!


LOS ANGELES: Clown 1 (Fall 2019)

Class Type  Weekly
Dates August 25th thru October 6th, 2019
Times 5pm - 9pm, Sundays (only)
Location Live Arts LA, Eagle Rock
Instructor Zach Steel
Cost $399 (discounts for previous Clown School participants)

Begin the extraordinary pursuit with Co-Artistic Director, Zach Steel. In this class, we will peel back the layers of socially acceptable behavior and let loose the wild duck that lives inside us all. We will quiet the little critics in our heads and learn to play from our most vulnerable and innocent place. From there, we will be able to experience the most triumphant triumphs and the most beautifully disastrous flops. Come along for the ride!   "A truly spectacular and unforgettable class" - LA STAGE. 

Ages 18 and older.

Prerequisite: None. All experience levels welcome!



LOS ANGELES: Clown 2 (FALL 2019)

Class Type  Weekly
Dates  October 27th thru December 15th, 2019 (skipping 12/1)
Times 5pm - 9pm, Sundays (only)
Location Live Arts LA, Eagle Rock
Instructor Zach Steel
Cost $399 (discounts for previous Clown School participants)

Here we go! In this level 2 workshop we’ll fling open the door to the comic world and re-engage your pursuit of the most fragile, fearless, hopeful and hilarious of all creatures, the clown. From beneath the smallest mask in the world, the red nose, you’ll continue to encourage the clown’s endless curiosity, boundless enthusiasm and explosive insistence on fun (as well as reckless expression when the fun does not appear). You’ll learn to show and show – show it all including what you want to hide away from the world and defend from the audience – it’s apt to be what is most human and most interesting and funny about you! We’ll begin to play in groups (families, duos and trios) and develop the skills to find and then augment a game in improvisation with other clowns. 

Ages 18 and older.

Prerequisite: Completion of Clown 1 or equivalent experience (instructor approval required)