Student Testimonials


“One of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.” TF, Melbourne

‘I love the class! It shows there is no place to hide and no reason to hide anyway, so, relax and jump into the many hilarious aspects of being human!’ DC, Los Angeles

“An amazing teacher!” JN, Sao Paulo

“Inspiring and amazing.” CV, Melbourne

“The best class I have ever taken.” EL, Los Angeles

“So contagious it makes class the funniest thing one could possibly do in a day.” HU, Los Angeles

“What an amazing class this was! It was a life changing experience. The highly disciplined structure, along with the huge amount of exploration and freedom within that structure, was great – as was the deeply profound and FUN exploration of performing and being human. David is truly a one of a kind genius! What a privilege.” CH, Los Angeles

“His classes really are life-changing and it was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you so much.” CN, Sao Paulo

“Thank you for creating an environment that was safe for all our risk-taking; where we could draw out the terror and passion we bottle up, look at it, and then release it in a ridiculous and fabulous manner.” LC, Los Angeles

“Revolutionary stuff – it puts mind training and self-understanding into a physical experience that can be immediately felt and much more quickly and deeply understood.” SP, Los Angeles

“Sensational!” JI, Melbourne

“Ein WUNDERvolles Seminar – gefuellt mit wunderbar menschlichen Momenten – erschaffen in unserem tiefsten Inneren, durch die intensive Auseinandersetzung mit den eigenen Gefuehlen und Erwartungen an uns selbst.// What a WONDERful seminar – filled with wonderfully human moments created deeply inside of us by an intense discussion with our own feelings and expectations from ourselves.” TA, Los Angeles

“Working with you has completely changed my life!” SA, Los Angeles

“Everything I could have dreamed of, and more.” CC, Los Angeles

“My favorite thing I do all week long.” MF, Los Angeles

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your light.” ER-V, Los Angeles

“It may sound like hyperbole to say these classes will change your life, but it is said with all sincerity.” IT, Los Angeles

“I think all people, big and small, fat and tall, outlandishly extroverted or shy and squeaky, believing or non-believing, happy or sad, beautiful or butt ugly, ready or not, should TAKE. THIS. CLASS.” KS, Los Angeles

“Thank you again so much for class and for helping me learn and discover and play…” LF, Los Angeles

“This work brings us to spontaneity and creativity and revelry!” EB, Los Angeles

“Your classes at The Clown School are awesome – I can’t describe how inspiring you are.” SS, Sao Paulo

“THANK YOU! I loved loved loved the class!” CR, Los Angeles

“It is fast becoming the highlight of my week…” BT, Los Angeles

“I think that it may have changed my life. Earth-shattering! The honest moments shared between myself and others were more compelling to me than anything I’ve ever seen or done onstage.” JD, Los Angeles

“Your classes help me see how important it is not to be afraid… To dare to be different, to do something extraordinary.” AH, Sao Paulo

“This is the kind of work I need to challenge myself to do… It’s rare to find a teacher who has such a clear point of view and challenge to offer, but can adapt to each student individually.” TS, Los Angeles

“I’m not ready for class to be over…” JH, Los Angeles

“I am so in love with and inspired by the work we do in class…” JD-R, Los Angeles

“Amazing. David is one of the best in his field.” Jon Monastero, Cirque du Soleil

“David is a genius. The truth that comes from his style of teaching is simultaneously brutal in moments and filled with total compassion, kindness, and generosity. It was such a pleasure working with him.” KP, Los Angeles

“Your ability for awakening that sense of pure play and joy in your students is truly extraordinary. Thank you!” KB, Los Angeles

“I got inspired again! With your classes, your spirit, your knowledge…” RP, Sao Paulo

“I want to thank you for bringing some joy back into my work.” EB, Los Angeles

“This class was really special for me… I had so much fun!” LB, Los Angeles

“Thank you for a bizarre, hilarious, challenging and rewarding class – I will always keep it very close to my heart.” JM, Los Angeles

“You’re a wonderful teacher and I loved the class!” MK, Los Angeles

“Your classes have become a very special part of my life – thank you for that.” TE, Los Angeles

“I feel really clear on what things to work on and empowered to really go for it. What a work out!” JH, Los Angeles

“Probably what I want and love to do the most in this world is laugh, and I laughed non-stop for 7 weeks.” JV, Los Angeles

“Working with David, a miracle happens.” FQ, Beijing

“I was reacquainted with the madness of my 5 year old self, with a new sense of play and fun.” MF, Los Angeles

“Rarely have I had the chance to learn how to grapple with fear or despair onstage, or someone exhorting me to do so. Therefore, a classroom experience that provides such opportunities – and an instructor who guides such experiences as skillfully as you do – is well worth my time, money, and respect.” HYW, Los Angeles

“You have such a powerful spirit that you pass on to other people – it’s an inspiration.” RD, Beijing

“Today I was deeply touched by your teaching – again.” AL, Beijing

“Incredibly transformative! Clown school taught me truly life-altering skills!” CSH, Los Angeles

“There was so much space for us to come forward and see our potential.” MB, Vienna

“Clowning, especially with David and the way he teaches the class, is essential…” AB, Los Angeles

“I’m so grateful for the environment you’ve created to grow and express yourself. It truly is unlike anything else.” AE, Los Angeles

"Last week’s class changed my life!” MB, Los Angeles


“I had a wonderful time as always and learned a great deal.” ZW, Los Angeles

“I have never had such a magical experience in a class.” JV, Los Angeles

“It continues to have an impact, not only on my work, but on the rest of my life.” CK-E, Los Angeles

“I have been initiated into a tradition of jesters and fools!” ET, Los Angeles

“I want to tell you how much your class meant to me. I came away from that experience with such a greater understanding of what I wanted to accomplish as an actor.” KC, Los Angeles

“If I had a thousand mouths to say ‘THANK YOU’ I would use them here.” DW, Los Angeles

“Words cannot describe how much of a pleasure it has been working with you!” SS, Los Angeles

“I just wanted to let you know that I find your class restful. It allows me to laugh and enjoy the grandness and silliness of performance which is essential for someone like me who can think and plan and analyze too much.” CF, Los Angeles

“I am deeply changed and rewarded by the kind of work you brought to us.” AB, Los Angeles

“You demonstrate, through your responses in the studio, the possibility of living without judgment.” MO, New York

“I have been truly changed by your work.” JO’B, Long Beach

“Working with you both was a wonderful experience that ended too soon.” JL, Fresno

“It has been a wonderful class – you are such insightful teachers.” MW, Las Vegas


Testimonials from Artistic Industry Leaders


CHRIS BAYES Head of Movement, Yale School of Drama
“David and Orlando are both remarkable teaching artists. Seek them out. These guys will change the way that you live in your body and will help you make more room for your talent and your fun. Study with them. Make a beautiful and hilarious mess.”

“Working with Orlando Pabotoy is a joy.”

JAYD McCARTY Director, The Studio, New York
“The work that is the focus of The Clown School is integral to well-rounded training. And these two men are masters of their craft. If you find yourself in a position to study with them – do it! I have seen the results, and it’s transformational.”

SCOTT HANDY Actor, Peter Brook’s Center for International Theatre Research, Declan Donnellan’s Cheek by Jowl
“Like many great directors, David has a comprehensive understanding of text. What makes him so exceptional as a teacher is that he also has a deep understanding of the actor. He is one of the few theatre practitioners that I have ever seen who truly understands what an actor needs.”

PER BRAHE Master Teacher, Balinese Mask
“David’s sense of humor, joy, and timing are outstanding. He has a pure love for both the theatre and the actor. To work with Orlando is a blessing for your inner clown because you will find the sweetness, the beauty, the joy, and the tragic anger. Orlando’s teaching is a blessing.”

MICHAEL MILLER President, The Actor’s Centre, New York
“David Bridel and Orlando Pabotoy make an ideal team to head an acting studio. They are excellent teachers who come from rich and compatible theatrical traditions. Both have been part of our faculty here at the Actors Center, and together they will make a wonderful contribution to the Los Angeles acting community.”