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Class  A Clown Masterclass with David 'DuSH' Barashi
Dates  November 13th-14th, 2017
Times 11am - 5pm, daily
Location Live Arts LA, 4210 Panamint St, Los Angeles, CA 90065
Instructor David 'DuSH' Barashi
Cost $300 (discounts for previous Clown School participants)

The Masterclass is designed for the theatre folks, street artists, performers, and clowns who wish to expand their professional toolbox.

For the past 20 plus years DuSH has been a clown. He’s been a clown in the streets and festivals all over the world but also and mostly – in hospitals and disaster areas, in Israel, Haiti, and Ethiopia, with children and adults, with PTSD and AIDS patients…

DuSH has clowned and taught clowning all over the world and now he’s coming to LA with his first Clowning Masterclass:

  • Clown silhouette: the costume, body language / rhythm.
  • Clown dynamics in the environment: audience at a theater and in the street, doctors, patients, and their families in hospitals.
  • Clown technique: Gesture-Action, verbal clowning, gibberish, and more.
  • Applications of clown work in the fields of medical and humanitarian aid.


"DuSH" in the Hospital (Medical Clowning):

Since 2003, DuSH has been working as a clown, through the Dream Doctors project, at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem.

Working as an integral part of the medical team, he meets both children and adults at the various medical departments of the hospital.

In 2015, he was appointed to be the head of the Hadassah Hospital clowning unit.

In addition to his active work, he is the Professional Coordinator of the Dream Doctors, responsible for advancing the Project to Israeli hospitals as well as training programs, seminars and more.

Teachers and clown coaches worldwide are using the Dream Doctors methods.


"DuSH" in Humanitarian and Disaster Areas:

David has served as a medical clown in natural disaster zones worldwide (post tsunami, post-earthquakes) as part of various humanitarian delegations, the most important of which is the IDF Medical Corps and its Search and Rescue Unit.

During the Second Lebanon War and recent wars in Gaza, he worked as a medical clown in shelters around Israel and among population groups collaborating with medical, psychological support, and aid teams.

DuSH helped promote the process of having an official reservist position for medical clowns in the IDF Medical Corps; undergoing regular reservist training, nowadays are part of the IDF Field Hospital team.


"DuSH" Around the World:

- Thailand - after the tsunami disaster, January 2005

- Northern India - orphanages TCV, January 2009

- Haiti - (clown in the IDF delegation), earthquake, January 2010

- Nepal - (clown in IDF delegation), earthquake, May 2015

- Ethiopia / Uganda - the"Art-Joy-Love" Project(clowning in orphanages for HIV positive children, hospitals and various communal centers) since 2005.


Ages 18 & older.

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50% of proceeds from the workshop will go towards the production of "I Clown You," a documentary about the Israeli medical clowns.  For further information please visit:

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Class  Clown and Character Intensive
Dates  Tuesday, January 2nd - Thursday, January 4th **DATES ADJUSTED**
Times 1pm-6pm, daily
Location Live Arts LA, 4210 Panamint St, Los Angeles, CA 90065
Instructor David Bridel
Cost $299 (discounts for previous Clown School participants)

David Bridel returns to bring you a joyous journey into clown archetypes. Find your inner schlub and your hidden drill sergeant as you learn the dynamic opposites of the clown world. Costume, red noses, and crazy improvisations plunge you into the carnival of human nature. Ideal for clowns who want to go further, actors who want to tap their full potential, and all who love the zaniness of clown training.


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Class  The World of Mask Intensive
Dates  Summer 2018, TBD
Times TBD
Location Live Arts LA, 4210 Panamint St, Los Angeles, CA 90065
Instructor David Bridel
Cost $399 (discounts for previous Clown School participants)

A brand new class from theatre maestro David Bridel. "Every actor, consciously or unconsciously, longs for transformation." - Michael Chekhov. Enter the magical - and transformative - world of mask training, a stunning universe of creative physical exploration and psychological depth. Larval mask, full character, and half character masks scope out a journey into the unknown. For all who long to relinquish their analytical selves and experience the beautiful shock of true theatrical imagery.