Clown 1

Class Clown 1
Dates August 27th - October 8th, 2017
Times 5pm - 9pm, Sundays (only)
Location Live Arts LA, Eagle Rock
Instructor Zach Steel
Cost $399 (discounts for previous Clown School participants)

Begin the extraordinary pursuit with Co-Artistic Director, Zach Steel. In this class, we will peel back the layers of socially acceptable behavior and let loose the wild duck that lives inside us all. We will quiet the little critics in our heads and learn to play from our most vulnerable and innocent place. From there, we will be able to experience the most triumphant triumphs and the most beautifully disastrous flops. Come along for the ride!   "A truly spectacular and unforgettable class" - LA STAGE. 

Ages 18 and older.


Kids Clowning

Class Kids Clowning
Dates TBD
Times TBD
Location Live Arts LA, Eagle Rock
Instructor Chae Chaput
Cost TBD

Do you have a silly child? Do they love clowns? Or maybe they're always goofing around? If so, bring them to Kids Clowning where they can celebrate their inner fool! They will be encouraged to play with a vulnerable heart and embrace what makes them unique. From clown games to basic circus tricks, they will get taste of a variety of clowning types.

Recommended for ages 6 through 11.



Class Bouffon
Dates TBD
Times TBD
Location Live Arts LA, Eagle Rock
Instructor Virginia Scott
Cost $299 (discounts for previous Clown School participants)

Welcome to TRUMPMERICA. Got something to say about it?

Got something you need to say about it? The time is NOW. Speak truth to power, play with what is forbidden, and tear it up so bad you leave them all in tears… from laughter… maybe. Bouffon is satire. Boufon is punk rock. Bouffon is immediate, political, inappropriate, in your face, primal, uncomfortable, grotesque, profane, outcast yet charming, captivating and hilarious. Experiment with the most dangerous material and get away with it. Learn to use satire as a powerful tool to tackle what you care about, not from your soapbox but down in the muck with the rest of us so someone might actually pay attention. In the pursuit of the bouffon you will develop your ability to play with the audience without the fourth wall, create physically connected and expressive characters, improvise, deliver brutal honesty and practice parody. In this workshop we will take on the here and now, using the explorations began by Jacques LeCoq as a jumping off point to find a contemporary bouffon and seize the lunacy not of the middle ages or the “theater” but of this moment in time. HERE. NOW. 

Ages 18 and older.


Clown 2

Class  Clown 2
Dates  October 29th - December 17th, 2017 (no class 11/26)
Times 5pm - 9pm, Sundays (only)
Location Live Arts LA, 4210 Panamint St, Los Angeles, CA 90065
Instructor Zach Steel
Cost $399 (discounts for previous Clown School participants)

Here we go! In this level 2 workshop we’ll fling open the door to the comic world and re-engage your pursuit of the most fragile, fearless, hopeful and hilarious of all creatures, the clown. From beneath the smallest mask in the world, the red nose, you’ll continue to encourage the clown’s endless curiosity, boundless enthusiasm and explosive insistence on fun (as well as reckless expression when the fun does not appear). You’ll learn to show and show – show it all including what you want to hide away from the world and defend from the audience – it’s apt to be what is most human and most interesting and funny about you! We’ll begin to play in groups (families, duos and trios) and develop the skills to find and then augment a game in improvisation with other clowns. 

Ages 18 and older.


Sacred Clown

Class Clowning for the Spirit through Ritual Clown Forms
Dates TBD
Times TBD
Location TBD
Instructor Mike Funt
Cost $TBD (discounts available for previous participants)

Since the dawn of humankind, Clowns have served as leaders in communication and healing process. Long before the clown was a staple in circuses and theatres, he featured as a prominent part in Tribal Rituals and Ceremonies in cultures all over the world. Borrowing from its shamanistic roots, this class will explore how Clown and Performance can be a place of shared communal, transformative experience. The class will explore Balinese Masked Clown Ceremonies, Hopi Rituals, ecstatic festivals like Mardis Gras and Carnivåle, Commedia dell’Arte, Noh, the Holy Fool Traditions, Heyokah, Clown Traditions of the Pueblo, Dakota, and Zuni Tribes, the Trickster figures of Coyote and Raven, and many more.

While this class serves as excellent actor and performer training, the focus is more on developing the self holistically and developing and sense of community with those around you, similar to the goals of Yoga and Meditation. The class will feature improvised clown activities, prepared pieces, personal story-telling, and discussion. A well-known clown once said, “The clown is not about making the audience laugh. The clown is about changing the way the audience breathes.” Join us for this and release your fearlessness and playfulness while finding the sublime in the ridiculous and the ridiculous in the sublime.