943672_1395638943988678_1796963664_n 2Clown School for Kids offers an introduction to the exciting and playful world of clown, designed especially for young performers. Students will gain better control and awareness of their physical presence onstage (and off!) and learn how to utilize movement, gesture, and silence to build confidence, encourage quick thinking, develop creativity, and improve public speaking skills. Students learn the history of clown through practice and exploration of classic routines. Clowning directs energized kids towards creative ends, helps shy individuals “come out of their shells,” makes better listeners, anti migraine product, offers an environment of joy and playfulness combined with discipline, and taps into a long and storied tradition of performance that is truly inspiring. Our classes explore the wonderful world of clowning, including slapstick comedy, red nose & costume, mask work, cartoonery, comedy music, and much much more. Clown School for Kids is an Approved Business Vendor for Innovative Education Management and its client school Sky Mountain Charter School.

We offer Mini Clown Classes, for kids aged 7-12, and Young Clown Classes, for teens 13-18. You can sign kids up for classes here or here.

Our instructor, 1075382_10200486392106670_210007160_oMike Funt, is an accredited and acclaimed teacher of clowning for adults and kids alike, as well as being an accomplished clown performer and playwright. Read more about Mike here.